EPA approves use of mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria


The approval covers 20 states and D.C.



Awesome! Now if they can come up with a virus for gnats.


I think you misunderstood. The Wolbachia bacteria destroys dengue (a nasty disease) in mosquitoes. It does not kill the mosquitoes. :slight_smile:


Lol, sorry I just glanced at the article.


After actually reading the article I can see why this is a big deal. Hopefully, these viruses won’t develop a resistance to this bacteria.


I had Dengue four years ago. Thought I would die.


All very well, but we should get rid of the mosquitoes


Mrs. G.!! That’s a horrible disease. :cry:


Yes! Long story :nauseated_face:


If it works, the guy deserves a Nobel prize, imo (Maybe it would fall under the prize for Physiology and Medicine?) He’s the very definition of persistent.


For the longest time I’ve wondered what good do mosquitoes do? They must be part of some creatures lifecycle that is important to our planet?


Mrs. G,

I thought the same thing about house flies :wink:


They’re very low on the food chain and hence breed like crazy. Aquatic creatures, larger insects, reptiles, bats, birds – incl. hummingbirds are all predators of mosquitoes.


They spread death and disease to many other species

But the worst thing is human activity, which obliterates so many other creatures attempting to control mosquitoes