Espalier citrus - share your pics!

Hi everyone! :wave:

I just planted a smith red valencia orange in a half barrel against the south wall of my house. I am planning to grow it as an informal espalier - I don’t think I’ll use wires (or maybe?) but just prune it flat against the house (it’s a side yard that people walk through everyday, so it needs to stay relatively tight and flatish but can get nice and wide). I’m thinking I’ll put weights on the branches to get them to spread to the sides…This is my first attempt at espalier! I like the more natural look of the informal espalier, but really I am totally fascinated by all kinds of espalier trees…

I would love to see pics of anyone else’s espalier citrus, for inspiration and just for ooohs and aahhs!

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I don’t have one myself but have seen beautiful ones for sale at our nursery, they use a wood trellis in the pots, something to consider

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That was a novelty to me. I never saw any espalier citrus… :blush:

I take the photo from the net…