Espalier Pear Project

I was going to buy an additional Espalier Pear tree this year but when the nursery fell though on my order I decided to grow it my self. I am using OHxF 87 rootstock. The pear root stock was not as picture perfect as the apple and I any ideas are welcome.

This photo does not due justice too the wicked angles at the branch. I want to get best central leader growth I can do I just cut them off at the branch now or wait to see what forms. Anyone have any luck with rooting the trimmings? would it be better to do it before or after dormancy breaking they are right on the edge.

The rootstock looks fine to me. I would field graft it after it breaks dormancy. Good luck! I love espaliered pears.! Uploading…


I am planning to multi graft it so I need a central leader

Nice! I would tie leader to bamboo cane if I wanted it perfectly straight (personally, I would probably let it grow as is because, I have too many trees). What verities are you going to graft?

That is a tough question. I wrote and rewrote this reply a couple of times. Initially I was undecided having little experience with good Euro pears. So I decided to look though the raintree catalog again and I think I will just recreate there combo tree with Rescue, Orca, Highland and Harrow Delight. Plus I will add Shipova and Ooharabeni.

The choice of the Pear root stock

hear is my bag in ground pear today. It is growing like gangbusters, much healthier then last year and I am getting a lot of good feathered grown I am confident I have a good thing going hear so I will remove the grow bag soon. I am sure I will have scaffold branches at the heights I want.

Given my 100% failure rate with bud grafting I think I will focus on scion grafting.


I don’t see a picture. Interested in your progress, keep posting!


How are your espalier doing?

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I wish I had more to share. Both this and the apple just seem stunted this year. Likely they didn’t grow because of the heat wave se suffered early this season. They are growing more now that its getting cooler. I added mulch and it seems to have helped.

I just dont feel good about scion grafting yet. I think I will try bud grafting next year.

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How’s your espalier doing this year?

Well I learned not to waist more then a year in a grow bag. The root stock finaly grew well after going in the ground and getting mulched heavily. It reached just about the height I wanted then it grew rabbit ears.
I thought I might bend the ears into the top run but after the sap started running the branch snapped at the crook rather then bend like it did in February. Break on the left
I am going to secure it for now and remove later. It is also clear to me that Scion grafting is not going to happen. So I am going to have to get bud grafting right.