Espalier question

I am growing espaliers for the first time. I have 5 that have been grafted with 4 different apple varieties. Can anyone direct me on how/when to prune? We live in Santa Fe, NM…

I prune mine all summer and winter. It really all depends on what you are trying to accomplish as far as shape. There are a few really good threads on this topic if you do a search.


That depends on how old and how established are the various scaffolds ( arms) .

If you search " how to espalier apples", “setting up espalier apples” or even “espalier fruit trees” you will get dozens of items.

a sample below…

Generally, at the beginning you are pruning for shape and later, after the scaffolds are set, you start paying attention to production.

Here in NY Z5b, I do all my pruning starting in late July and go on through Sept. as needed.


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When growing an espalier on a wall would it require a wall that runs east / west for maximum light exposure or could you grow one on a north/south wall that only gets direct light half the day?

In my climate, some plants such as blueberries and dragon fruit prefer an east-facing wall instead of being blasted by the sun on afternoons with the relative humidity below 40%. Apples though prefer full sun here in my experience.


Interesting, thanks for your reply, so maybe apples /pears are out