Espalier Trees

Hello Guys,

I’ve made this week an espalier system for my fruit trees (are 2 plum, 4 pears , 2 apple , 1 sour cherry) for cordon shape ,

In my country we don’t have many people that use this trellis for espalier tree and for this reason

i don’t find any information about it on Romanian websites.

I’ve collected more info from your forum , my thanks for this helpful community. So i have one questions to begin :smiley: :

  • i want to plant 3 more trees, can you tell me if: peach , persimmon and quince are appropriate for espalier cordon training ?

Or i should to plant only apple and pears ?

My next step is to learn how to prune and train in the summer period.

Thank you very much , Greetings from Romania !


Nicely done. You need to anker your endposts or they wont stand the tension from the wire.

Peaches are more difficult to espalier because of their fruiting habit. They fruit on last years wood only. Plus peaches tend to get blind wood in their older parts. There are some forms of espalier for peaches (pretty much what fruitnut does in his greenhouse). But cordon training is none of them.

I don’t know about persimmons.

Quince in general can be trained as a cordon espalier. But they fruit at the ends of their shoots. It might be difficult to keep the form of an espalier and get plenty of fruit with quinces. But I didn’t try to espalier quince.

In general all fruittrees that fruit on spurs is very suitable for cordon training. Pomme Fruit are easiest cause they fruit on very long lived fruiting spurs.

But you could try everything else and report back about your successes and failures.


Most espaliers were grown against walls of gardens or houses or used as a fence. They were not trellised In the beginning. It was a decorative form of tree.

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Thank you very much carot, I will make the Anker. For the last 3 trees will plant Japanese peers, they look nice and produce quality fruit. This weekend I will try to make some mulch with my new electric shredder, hope to do good wood chips. Thanks again for all the help!

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I’ve had great success espaliering apricots!
My apple espalier has been rather slow but it doesn’t get enough sun.

One big disadvantage I see with my espalier - the fruits facing the sun ripen and sweeten well but the ones in the back against the wall don’t ripen as well and not as sweet.

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Hello Girly ,
Do you have some pictures with your espalier apricots ? I like apricot fruits and i have to much pears and apples in my garden :smiley:

I cant find last years pics but I found the youtube video from last year -
Its set plenty of fruit this year too. I can take some pics later today and post it if you like…

Disclaimer - I have had this tree since 2016 and it has done great! How will an espaliered apricot do long term? - I don’t know… Also I don’t know how apricots will do in your weather…


@Girly, the apples and the limbs in the back should all be pruned off.

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Nice, you have a beautiful garden, the apricot looks wonderful, i. am subscribing to your YouTube channel :slight_smile:

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