Establishing Persimmon scaffold branches



Last spring i grafted several american and hybrid persimmons to wild dv saplings here.

Most of them were grafted to the rootstock between 24" and 42" high and most reached a height of between 7 and 13 ft tall by season end.

This year on all those persimmons I am working on establishing scaffold branches.

I lopped them all off at around 6 ft height.

Then I notched the buds just below that that i wanted to develop into scaffolds.

I skipped a bud or two between scaffold buds which spaced them out about 4 inches.

All the others basically look the same.

So on each one I have 3 scaffold branches pointing different directions started and a new central leader that i will let continue up.

Those scaffold branches… i need to work on to improve the crotch angle… get those little branches going out more flat/horizontal… instead of up.

I plan to figure out something to make that start happening this week.

Do you have any recommendations ?

Do you see anything that I need to be doing differently? Or that needs improving.



Use some of that flag tape from your other thread and tie them down to the cage. I usually let them stay through a winter so they can harden off that way. They are pretty green though, so be careful not to break them.

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Hi Trev,
Nice trees! I would wait until those grow more before tying them down. Once they are about 2’ long they should be better able to withstand the bending to get to a 40-60 degree angle without breaking off. Too early now!
Kent, wa

I agree with Dennis. Young green shoots are VERY likely to just pop off under pressure. Whenever you start, be gentle.

I have taken clothespins or something similar and attached them to the trunk to encourage branches to grow out rather than vertical

Well… I took my hand pruners and a little walk in my woods… and collected several of these.

Sourwood saplings have several very nice near 90 degree crotch angles… I collected and made several of those.

I have apples and pears as well… establishing new scaffolds this year.

I attached those to the tree trunk just under the new scaffold branch (with a few wraps of parafilm… then used a bit of jute twine to gently pull those scaffold branches down some.

I got JT02 and Prok done.

On one of my Prok scaffolds (shown above) noticed a few blossoms.

Kasandra, Nakitas Gift and Prok all have a few blossoms. They were just grafted last year.

Any chance those will actually fully develop and ripen ?

Or would you expect them to all drop later if they do develop ?

Bent those scaffold branches very slowly and carefully… i was afraid for sure of breaking one.
Had no problems though… got them all down at a much better angle now.


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I’ve definitely never seen that technique before! Good luck. I often lose many tender young persimmon branches at this time of year just from a bird or squirrel basically just touching them because they’re so fragile