Etiquette and protocol


So I have lots of questions, and I know others have to have asked them before.
Should I resurrect old threads or start new, redundant ones?
Which is more annoying?


If you have time to search, search. I just ask the question. Lots of folks are happy to share what they know, it’s not annoying imo.


I always do a search. But I guess you can always post and those who would like to reply, reply and those who don’t want to reply , don’t. No need to get annoyed really …


People who recall a similar or same topic to your question may search it out and post a link to it.


I don’t mind someone waking up an old thread for asking something like an update. Now if you propose an answer for a question asked 4 years ago… :unamused: :smile:


Welcome to the gang. It’s a free country, but I think courtesy dictates:

Searching and reading a few of the most pertinent threads.

If still not answered, then ask your question. Best to tack it onto the end of an existing related thread, if one is available, but you can start your own thread if the question is unique or uncharted territory.

People will help you if they feel like it. If you start a bunch of lazy duplicative threads, you might annoy some (and excite others).

As long as you stay of a positive attitude you’ll find lots of friendly helpful people here.

Glad you joined our crew.


I appreciate answers to old questions. When I google search the question, its frustrating to see only the question and not the answer. When it comes to fruit growing, the old information is often just as useful to a 3rd party years later.


KY welcome,
I agree with everyone’s comments.

I like to revive old threads when I can. This way, people can update their findings, too. Also, old threads here are not that old any way. This forum is only 2.3 years old.


Thanks all!