Eucalyptus tree ok?

This tree ok? It has cracks on the trunk.normal or it needs chopping down?

If that crack goes into the wood, I would cut it down and plant something else.

Is it a Eucalyptus globulus? If so, I wouldn’t want one near my home due to fire risk. In some places they are called “gasoline trees”. The resin evaporates and is highly flammable, witness the Oakland Heights fires that destroyed 3,800 homes. They can literally shoot out exploding fireballs.

In my area, we don’t have those, but I recently had spruce, pine, and fir removed from near, and overhanging, my house for the same reason. We are getting more and more widespread fires here.

Some species of Eucalyptus respond to being cut down, by sending up new shoots. So that might be a result of cutting it down, if it is a speciescthat does that.

I love the look and smell of Eucalyptus.