Euro pear bark infected?

I’m curious if anyone has thoughts on whether I should be concerned with this pear, or leave it be. I planted it a few years ago. It’s maybe 8 feet tall. It was labeled as an easter pear, but I’m not sure exactly what it is. It hasn’t produced anything yet, and I’m not too terribly attached to it. The leaves on the tree were more yellow last summer compared to my other trees, so it wasn’t doing as well. I trimmed off the end of a branch near the bottom of this area that seemed to maybe show some fire blight. I guess my main concern is having a tree that will spread disease to the rest of the pears. I thought about chopping it off below this area if it’s something to be concerned about…or completely removing it. The branches and shoots look fine so maybe I could graft a backup tree (if I knew the variety was even worth messing with).

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Actually, now that I think of it, the leaves on branches above this area were more yellow. The leaves on branches just below this area had more green. I thought about chopping the tree off just below the area and leaving a couple of branches, but maybe that wouldn’t completely eliminate the issue if it’s an infection?

symptoms and appearance appear as sunscald.



It could also be fireblight on the trunk. If its on the south or southwest side its more likely sunscald, otherwise its probably fireblight.

Assuming its fireblight, I would not remove the tree. Once I got a bunch of such strikes and I painted them all over with tar, and it didn’t expand. Whether the tar helped or not I am not sure.

Or you could cut off the whole tree right below the wound and graft some good wood to the stump. No sense in pulling it out since you have several years of good root growth there.

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Thanks! The first pic is from the southwest although the wound wraps most of the way around. I’m generally very patient. I could tar it up and see what happens :slight_smile: