Evaluating Vigor

That’s what’s important, vigor, it sure is. It’s in everything I grow,. The evaluation-of-vigor. Does the plant branch strongly; branch wide for open air space; grow like a rocket; produce quickly; bear annually or biannually or one year and then nothing the next? these are all forms of vigor. it’s in the production of nursery stock too. How can I make a plant the most-vigorous? Can I change it’s natural course. what should I be looking for in evaluating, it; are the lenticel-count super? the more lenticels the more air that’s available. Does the tree make for easy picking; Is the tree producing less fruit on branches therefore allowing fruit to be larger? Are the nuts produced in smaller clusters in pecans or some other nut thus making larger fruit than a massive cluster of 6 reduced to 3 or possibly 2? Are leaves much noticeably larger? Is the fruit tastier? Is the fruit easier to obtain kernels than other trees? Will I become a grafter?

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I’ve figured out pawpaws in containers. They need 3-years under shade cloth and sold large or they don’t survive in my climate.


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Sounds about right. I definitely endorse the last part. I don’t have shade cloth over mine but on the other hand I have marine layer overhead all spring long. Late this coming winter I’m going to ship my collection out free of charge and we’ll see what survives.

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@Richard I might say even 4-years from a bench graft of course. Potted then and 3-years fully under shade for a total of 4.


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Vigor ?

I grafted a JT02 scion onto one of my wild dv saplings… and it has grown 10 ft now (the central leader) from the bud on the scion to the shoot tip… 10 ft.

Others have grown 6 7 8 9 ft… Prok graft has leaves that are a foot long.

I think persimmons like it here.

I hope some of these vigorous growers turn out to be vigorous fruiters too.


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This makes total sense.

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Humidity, cloudy weather and at most 6hrs sun have been fine with the one small grafted pawpaw I did. Did have two weeks of 90 F temperature but nothing at 100f.


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