Eva's Pride Peach in Vista CA

I found this very nice bareroot Eva’s Pride Peach on Citation yesterday and Green Thumb in San Marcos. :slight_smile:


Now you’re just trying to make me jealous.


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I was wanting an Eva’s Pride for the past 2 years and didn’t like the way they looked at my nursery and I didn’t want it on Citation. However, they had a 3-1 Zaiger peach tree that had Eva, August, and May Pride on Nemaguard that looked super vigorous and healthy, so I bought that instead.


Yet Citation is ideal for southern California.

Citation has been great for my plums and hit and miss for my peaches and nectarines.

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Bud break.


Still bareroot and blooming :slight_smile:


Seems like an eternity before I will see my trees bloom…


My peaches and nectarines in the ground have no sign of bud break yet.

I noticed today the 2 year old graft of Eva’s Pride peach on my tree has the majority of its flowers at the popcorn stage. Wow, is it a low chill variety.


Since obtaining the tree it’s been sitting in 1/4 orchid bark. Today I transplanted it into the same container but with soil. This will give me more time to procrastinate digging out the stump and roots presently in its future home.


In the ground!



Still deeply dormant here…

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Richard, your soil and mine are worlds apart. It looks so rich and loamy. Have you built it up over time? Also, are all your trees irrigated?

You’re seeing 1-2 inches of kiln dried redwood bark on top of the soil. :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, all our outdoor plants are on automated irrigation.

Here’s our 4’ tall sapling loaded with fruit sets. This afternoon I removed 5 lbs of them - leaving 4 fruits on the primary scaffolding near the trunk. :slight_smile:


Looking good Richard! I think Peach or Nectarine on Citation works for you because you give it ample and regular irrigation. If it gets a bit dry, like how my stingy self keeps it, it’ll go dormant pretty soon. Dormant as in stop growing. So, in my new home all peaches/nectarines will be on Lovell.


@Richard Do you do anything with your thinning’s? I found lots of recipes for picked green peaches. And I suspect green peaches might work as well as the green Japanese apricots (ume plum). My wife is just going to kill me when she see me thinning the fruit this year. I going to have to try either or both of these projects.