Ever done this?

You plan out the veggie garden, And only after getting everything planted realize that one thing is going to put way too much shade on something else? My potatoes and peppers will go from getting about eight hours of sun to about four or five hours of sun as soon as the pole beans get any height to them…too late to move anything.

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Yup, one reason I prefer bush beans.

I don’t feel they produce as much yield per square foot though.

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Hmm. Could vary by location. I typically get at least 2 crops per bush of 40 or so beans.

Bush are nice and easy to pick, but it seems like pole (not to be confused with polar) bear over a longer period.




How long is the bean fruiting season in everyone’s location?

pole beans will fruit for several weeks here in Minnesota

They burn up pretty quick here in Texas. My Brit husband LOVES scarlet runner beans that won’t bear once it gets to 90 degrees. I start them inside in February and try to get them out just after frost. Sometimes we get beans and sometimes we never do. The bush beans do better here but there are never two crops and we have to plant them early.


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My pole beans pretty much went steady from early July through early September last year.

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We’ve grown various types of half-runners- white, mountaineer, striped, as I don’t care for the taste of bush beans. I grew up hating green beans, prob because they were Blue Lake, but after I tried HR’s (a pole bean), I got back on the bean bandwagon. Also love Rattlesnake pole beans.

Half runners start producing here I think in about two months after planting, and produce continually for a couple months. After that, they start to get fibrousy and tough and aren’t really fit to eat. We have canned lots of them just about every year.

Rattlesnake beans aren’t as prolific but taste better IMO. I even like to eat them straight off the vine. They can well too.

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OK so I did some math and measurements. The potatoes closest to the pole beans will still get about 6-7 hrs of sun, The peppers will suffer, though.

However, since I only planted the peppers a week ago, there is a spot I could theoretically move them to if need be.

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My guess is the potatoes won’t mind a bit of shade. Peppers though, they do best in sun all day.

Is there some space( even not suitable for planting ) on the other side of the beans? If so, you can make support on angle, not vertical, tilt it to that other side and that can solve the problem.

That’s a great idea!

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Yes, just wanted to chime in and say my mother had a trellis that sent the pole beans up a couple feet, then horizontally. Beans grew right along the trellis, didn’t even need any encouragement, and seemed happy enough growing horizontally.

Definitely a doable thing.

Yes mine too, keep producing till it becomes cold out.

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Mine would’ve kept going, but at that point they had grown taller than the trellis, and the lower parts of been eaten up by various insects.

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