Evercrisp apple

This is the only Fuji variant that claims to have some tart in it. I’ve never heard of it though.

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We live in different areas, even if you are close, but we are world’s apart in palate. I haven’t considered Fuji great for 30 years… that’s when I began tasting so many unusual varieties. Even for sweets, I much prefer Jonaprince (jonagold) and it’s dual purpose. In winter and spring at least half of my apple consumption is cooked. I need some acid with that sugar.

I’ve got the Rising Sun Fuji. My family and I like it very much. It stores really well and are always very well red colored. . This is the first year I have not had a lot of apples growing on it.
Some of my other apples trees, not all of them, seem to have just a certain side with apples. We had a few cold nights so perhaps that is the reason YET my peach trees are loaded with peaches. Usually if any of my fruit trees get cold damage it is usually the peaches that take the hit with no fruit production.


I’m (mostly) convinced Fuji has changed in the last 40 years at least as much as my palate has adapted. At least the fruit around here.