Experience with Cheap AliExpress Treepots?

Has anyone tried any of the treepots listed on AliExpress? I was thinking of gambling on one of these, though I have a feeling they’re super thin…


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“cheap” is the derogatory version of “inexpensive”.

aliexpress (cheap price) Shipped from mainland China (good luck to you).

10cm X 20cm

4inch X 8 inch

10 for $5.78 - .57 each

Amazon Shipped in 2 days for free from an Amazon warehouse.

5 inch X10 inch
50 for $20 .40 each


I probably should have mentioned that I did already see the inexpensive/cheap pots on amazon, but was deterred by the very poor reviews and photographs.

I’ve ordered a number of items from AliExpress over the past year or so, and have received them all in good shape and within a reasonable time frame given their origin. The reason I ordered these items from AliExpress was that I wasn’t in a hurry, nor was I willing to pay 10x the price for identical items offered on Amazon.

So back to my question - does anyone have experience with the AE pots?

The moral of the story that most of these ‘cheap’ tree pots are all a little thicker than a trash bag.

60 for $50 is a better deal… since these will likely last many years…vs months.
Steuwe pots