Experience with Darlene Chapman apple? Is it red-fleshed?

Has anyone tried the Darlene Chapman apple? It is from Nick Botner’s collection. Chris Homanics on the North American Scion Exchange Facebook group says it is his favorite red-fleshed apple, with “Delicious rich indescribable berry notes. Great texture… low scab." That sounds awesome!

However Harry Burton doesn’t even say it’s red-fleshed in his catalogue: http://appleluscious.com/Apples_Catalogue_2019.pdf. He charges extra for red-fleshed scions, so if it was red-fleshed and awesome he would probably say that. His description is: “DARLENE CHAPMAN, Sourced from Nick Botner in Yoncalla, Oregon, originally from a tree in Springfield, Oregon. Darlen Chapman is the name of the person who grows this variety.”

The Temperate Conservation Society has it in their collection, but they don’t seem to know anything about it, so it doesn’t seem like a standout from their POV. Maybe there’s been a mix up somewhere?

Does anyone here know anything about it?

I did try posting this under a red-fleshed apple thread, but it got no response, so I thought I would check with a broader audience.