Experience with pheromone mating disruptors?

Does anyone have experience with the use of pheromone mating disruptors for controlling codling moth or oriental fruit moth that they can share?


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I tried the codling moth disruptor last year and didn’t find them especially helpful. I still had a lot of damage.

I’m pretty sure Scott uses them, along with Surround and perhaps other tools, as part of his regimen. There was a community effort to use them for codling moth a few years ago here but I think we had too many untreated areas nearby for it to be successful. I think it is worth looking at.

I have used disruption for quite awhile. I can’t be sure how much it is doing since I also use Surround and spinosad, but my impression is it is helping. You need to put out a lot of lures over a fairly broad area. I use a hundred or so on my half acre. The main problem is they are very hard to find, and they cost a lot of money. I got a huge supply of expired ones for cheap but when they run out I’m not sure if I will try to find more or not.

@scottfsmith were you using the dispensers for OFM, CM, or both?

I use lures for OFM and CM. Nomate brand for the CM and some other brand (Hercon?) for the OFM.

The disruptors do seem expensive, i was wondering for home growers is if it is worth while to get the traps like the Delta traps to alert you when the pests show up to time the sprays better. I have never used these traps but would like hear from others that have used them. I have read that only 1 or 2 are needed per orchard and they are not expensive.

I buy a pair of those pup-tent traps every other year and hang one in my apple tree. It’s worthy the six bucks each to know when CM is active, and it makes the neighbors think I’m clever.