Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


I have six trees of Pink Pearl and while a good apple it is so finicky I would be content with only 2. Red Devil and Airlie Red Flesh to just name two are much better apples. Not only in taste but in production and ease to grow.


Must be environmental factors at play (unsurprisingly). Pink Pearl is much better here than ARF, for what it’s worth.

I just planted Red Devil last year, based mostly on your reports, and I’m looking forward to sampling it in another season or two.


I agree. Way too humid here for Pink Pearl, I have to spray them more often than all the other trees.


Does anyone happen to have any scion wood from a red or pink fleshed apple that would work in zone 6b that they would be willing to part with? I can pay for shipping and for the scion or scions?


I could offer Redfield and Niedzwetzkyana. (I have others, but being as they mostly are 2019 grafts, probably few of those have any wood I will part with.) I am in 6b in Kentucky.
Many of the new starts I have are experiments, as I don’t know which will do well in Kentucky.
But, these two are healthy enough without spraying.


PM sent :+1: