Experience with these Apple Varieties?


I’m wondering if anyone has personal experience with any of these varieties? Working to get my current wanted list down to a more realistic size. Thanks! Sue

Prairie Magic
Tolman Sweet

Boughen Delight


I’ve only tried Tolman Sweet on your list. It was originally on my list until I tried it at a local U-Pick. I immediately removed it from my tree order that year. It has no acidity so to me was very bland. But a lot of people love sweet apples - I personally need some acid.


I love Tolman Sweets, but it sure seems they are definitely an apple that people either love or hate. They do indeed have no acidity, extremely sweet is what I’d call them. My Tolman trees aren’t producing yet, but they have survived 3-4 central MN winters.


Hi Sue,
Prairie Magic is getting to be a popular apple here. My trees aren’t producing yet, but I’ve tried it at apple tastings the past two years. It gets bigger than a lot of other apples as grown here, and has decent flavor though it’s sweeter than I prefer. The ones I’ve had were not really soft, but not particularly crisp.
I’ve seen Hazen a few times, but don’t have notes on it. I didn’t care for it.
Carroll has some big fans in this area. It was pretty sweet - too sweet for me. Again, the ones I’ve sampled weren’t particularly crisp.
Norland is probably the most commonly grown apple in this area. They are very hardy, vigorous, and productive. They tend to be smallish as grown here. I like their flavor early on. They are great to eat off the tree, but don’t keep at all. After hanging on the tree a bit more they start seeming too sweet for my tastes.
My favorite apples I had at the last couple apple tastings were Zestar and Silken. Silken is the most crisp apple I’ve had that was Alaska grown, and it had great flavor, though I hear it isn’t as productive as a lot of other apples. Our region lately has had zone 4-5 winter temps, so don’t know if Silken would be hardy enough for you.


Years ago while just out of college, an orchard I worked at had some Tollman Sweet apple trees. They had a cult following! Since we only had a few old standard sized trees, these customers would constantly call to see if ripe as afraid they would miss out on them. Some drove 40 miles to get them once we called back. I tried them several times. While ok they did not thrill me. Years later I found them at another orchard and the same thing happened. Those around me ate the sample and raved about out. Not me.

Hazen apple originated in North Dakota. I used to call on clients in that state many years ago. I find that when I tasted Hazen grown near Des Lacs, ND they were just delicious. However, when this same variety was grown in SE Minnesota it ripened early and did not have the firmness and great quality it had when North Dakota grown. Some years it was ok and other years soft and not worth picking. I think it will perform best in areas that have cold winters and short growing seasons. Long hot growing seasons make it a totally different tasting apple.