Extending the blackberry season


I’m actually thinking about ripping out all my Prime Ark 45s and changing it over to another row of Freedoms or a row of Ponca. What does everybody think the best way to go about this is? I would really like to stay away from herbicide, but maybe that is my only option. These blackberries will not produce in my location, but I bet they are really hard to kill.


45s do well here but freedom dont yet. They do have very small thorns but nothing notable. If you take out your 45s feel free to gift them to me they do well here. If the freedom dont start earning their keep i may send them to your house.


I wonder if one of us got the wrong variety from the supplier. My 45s are very very thorny like little daggers everywhere. My PAF are completely thornless, not even little ones.


Ate a handful of blackberries today from prime ark 45. These berries are a welcome fruit on the 17th of October.


i wonder if these would survive my z4? I’ve heard conflicting accounts but some claim they are z4 hardy.


I dont think they are hardy to zone 4 but they could be with a little zone stretching. If you have a large body of water like my pond that adds some cold resistance. My favorite trick is planting something between two hills or on the southern side of a hill. My family grows many things at the bottom of their “Hollers” that cannot be grown elsewhere. I do not have “Hollers” in Kansas but with a bulldozer i have been known to make smaller versions of some.


problem with me here is my neighbor has a large hedge of 30ft. spruces that completely shade the south side of my property and I’m at the bottom of the hill from my neighbors.


Blackberry grow like weeds up here— especially
the Himalayan. We also have the Evergreen, which is less aggressive, ripens later, and keeps better.
The Native trailing blackberry has the best flavor, but male and female are on separate plants for this species, and it is less productive.