"extrafloral nectaries" or Aphids?

Saw the pink spots on my Cherry Trees, then read about “extrafloral nectaries”. What does my Cherry Tree have? The tree has ants on it which led me to believe they were Aphids. If aphids how do I get rid of them?

They are extrafloral nectaries, and are perfectly normal, all sweet cherry petioles will have them. I apply the first insecticide spray (Triazicide )after petal fall for Black Cherry Aphid.
As for the ants I use a band of Tanglefoot at the base of the trunk.

It’s the black aphids that like cherries. Look on the underside of the leaves to find them. If you tree is not tall, you can wear those food handling gloves and squish them. Soapy water with strong jet spray should work, too. Hard to kill those aphids as they hide under the leaves.

After a while, ladybugs will show up. Don’t kill ladybug babies by accident. Google their pics. They don’t look like mature ladybugs at all.

I guess it’s my location but the only aphid problem I have is on apple trees. They are small green aphids. Usually that focus on my Suncrisp tree for some reason. Other apples are often left alone.

“Knocking on wood”

The green aphids I have loves my Euro plums.