F3 peach x almond hybrids


Meet my latest line of interspecific peaches, a third generation cross between an almond ,peach, and plum?

They originated from a cross between Calired interspecific peach, seed parent, x Myrobalan plum, intended pollen parent*.

Calired Interspecific peach originated from a cross between Luna peachmond, seed parent, x Sweet Bagel peach, likely pollen parent.

Luna peachmond originated from a cross between Elberta peach, seed patent, x F1 nonpareil almond.

*The leaves don’t show any traits of plum parentage in them, so either the peach genes are dominant over the plum genes or Calired Interspecific peach simply pollinated itself.


What is the goal by crossing Peach and Almond?


I want to create a drought and disease tolerant rootstock.


Almond is more drought and disease tolerant?


They are growing nicely. Nice color to leaves.


My F1 almond is somewhat resistant to drought, pests, and it’s also very tolerant to frosts. While all my stone fruits already have lost their leaves, this almond hasn’t drop its leaves yet. This trait was also passed to Calired interspecific peach, but not Luna peachmond.


Did u think about europe plum rootstock St. Julian A?


No, I didn’t think about st Julian rootstock.

I first started this project out of curiosity. I just wanted to see what the leaves and fruit of a peach x almond hybrid would look like. Once I saw the leaves and then the fruit, I decided to use my F1 peach x almond hybrid as a breeding stock for the development of hardy rootstocks.



Two out of my three f3 seedlings died. This means that now I have the strongest seedling.


I like your positive attitude.



Are you familiar with the rootstock “Garnem”?


No, I’m not familiar with Garnem rootstock.