Fairtime Peach

First time fruit! Woohoo.

My tree is ugly (It may or may not have been whacked upon) :wink: but there maybe hope for me with a later peach. 3rd year I believe and is on citation.

Pay no mind to that beautiful Eva’s pride in the background…:heart::eyes:


“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”. I think it looks just fine, Jennifer! It is a lovely open-vase shape, and nice and low. You’ll be able to keep it at pickable height! Let us know how this peach tastes! I’m not familiar with it, so I will be very interested to hear your report.

Patty S.


Hi there well your tree looks just fine.Do some tipping of the branches and give the tree some fertilizer and your golden. If you need any help or anyone on the forum I’m the peach guy with 40 acres of peaches.


Awesome! I just finally planted Fairtime here this spring.

Keep us posted. Good luck!

Looks great to me! If it makes delicious peaches, that will be beautiful. There will be time to make it more aesthetically pleasing…

My Fairtime is coloring up. It should be ready in about 2 weeks.