Fall Apple Tree Planting

Decided to try doing fall planting of well established nursery trees into the orchard. Looking forward to seeing how they do next year in there permanent homes.


How did they fare?

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I do most of my transplanting from the nursery bed in the fall and have had very good results. I got rows 8 & 9 of the orchard planted out last week, a total of 94 trees moved from the nursery bed (P.18, M.106 and G.890 rootstocks). Weather permitting, I’ll be moving more for the next few days, G210 and G.222 rootstocks.

I think you’ll see good results Keith, your orchard is looking great!


They all survived, and I’m now doing all of my transplantings in the fall, I find it’s much easier than waiting till the spring and getting on the damp soil. This past late fall of 2022 I did 9 pears on OHxF87 along with Lord Lambourne and Laxton Supurb on M106.

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