Fall garden

Here in eastern PA, we have had only one cold night, which reached 25 degrees. Otherwise it has been a great growing season. We have enough kale, chard, lettuce and other greens for a daily salad and eggs and greens. I planted probably like 300 spinach plants which have done great. Picked 20 Napa cabbage, carrots, radishes, turnips, bok choy, herbs.

At this point, I don’t get enough sunlight to keep things growing, but they aren’t dying either. Hopefully I can get the spinach and kale to overwinter in the hoop house and get some early spring pickings.


I think the secret to gardening is this…

10 yards of mushroom compost and leaf compost mixed together and put on top of beds. Personally I don’t till or use fertilizer unless something is clearly not growing.


I would love some !

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Our garden down here is doing great as well. We are lucky we don’t get as cold of weather down here. I am still picking tomatoes though they will probably only last another week or so

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Where are you located?

Hon Tsai Tai broccoli

Dill. Seeds from a fellow member


Amaranthus. It is more of a late summer than fall vegetable. Can be picked all summer. It can grow to very tall and send seed stalks like Amaranth.


I am between Houston and Dallas. I picked a few black eyed peas today. I planted them late just to put nitrogen in the soil and they are making like crazy. If the cold weather holds off another week I will have everything ready. The peas and tomatoes are the only warm weather plants I still have that haven’t quite finished yet. I am overrun with turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, greens, and tomatoes. I had planted almost 300 early this year and they survived the summer. I should pick them one last time this week

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