Fall Nursery Orders 2023 What/Where?

Im always looking for new ideas and new cultivars that interest me…

What are you ordering to be planted in the Fall or Spring of 2024 and from whom?

Mountain Valley Garlic- Ordered 3 varieties and they arrived. Very nice bulbs.

G. Madewell Nursery- I think i got ripped off. I dont think anything was grafted and some cultivars are for sure seedlings. Not worth putting tags on.

Isons- Ordered some Allen Black Rasps… All but one of my Stark Bros died.

Bay Laurel- Im in the nectarine business now. I ordered 5 from them. Also added a Kaweah peach.

Grandpas- I think i will order a Bell Pear.

Mad Cat Farms- Black Bethlehem and Black Greek Fig cuttings… i dont have these and they seem interesting.

Planting Justice- Harvest Queen Pear… it looks good on paper.

Waiting on- Zodiac, Celestial and Thunderhead blackberries from the USDA. Maybe 2024?


Are those thornless?

Yes all are thornless and from USDA Corvallis. Thunderhead will be the first USDA primocane release. Celestial will be the first high yield blackberry release since Chester. Zodiac will take over Columbia Star which was supposed to be the thornless version of Marion…supposedly it is better suited for the market as well. It is a trailing variety.


How will they be released? Through vendors, or from the USDA themselves? Any zone rating on them that you know of?

the USDA doesnt sell anything as far as i know. Propagators make the plants and the nurseries that buy them are on their own to try to make people aware of them.

So i doubt there will be much interest at all… likely mostly commerical and u-pick farms will grow them to have something different.

Usually OneGreenWorld picks them up and gives them a shot. If they dont sell then they just fade away.

I forgot i am also looking forward to FinnBerry. Supposedly a breakthru in red rasps. Its a cross of Caroline and Kokanee

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Overall I haven’t been pleased with my orders from Bay Laurel or Planting Justice.

Krismoriah is correct that the USDA does not sell plants but they do make scionwood of new releases available to production nurseries.

You’ll be out a fortune for shipping!

Speaking of BL, I ordered 3 pluots from them 5 years ago, big mistake. They’ve grown into big trees, but they bloom way too early here, so freezes always gets them. I had originally considered nects from them, should’ve stuck with that idea.

I got a really nice looking GA866 Jujube from edible landscaping and wish I got my che from them because the one that came yesterday from Tree peony is very tiny, I don’t mind if the rootstock looks well developed but I don’t care so much about that tree I just want to try it haha. Finally got a strawberry villarica Chilean guava from OGW and because those were in stock got 3 different ribes to try them in my backyard since 1 of 2 of mine died in the front (full sun southern exposure) I also moved the remaining one to the back
I ordered a red gem and carmine Goumi and an evergreen huckleberry from burnt ridge but they changed the order to a spring order which is fine.
Also ordered a mango, and sunflower paw paw from rain tree, anticipating how these look and when they will ship but I don’t anticipate them arriving soon and I will likely not buy from rain tree again due to the seemingly random ship times. But I’ll update how those look whenever they arrive

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Most of the stuff i have gotten from Planting Justice were from Dave Wilson nurseries or some obscure propagators in the west that i couldnt buy from… they have just been resellers for the things that i have purchased as far as i can tell.

As far as Nectarines and Peaches i try to get what i can on Lovell. I am probably going to go with Central leader on most of them and prune pretty aggressive… as i only need enough for myself and family and to share.

Im pretty maxxed out on persimmons… i need to take a couple years and grow what ive got and stop collecting them if thats possible… if Edible Landscaping ever has anything in stock i may add a couple more. I wish they had a ‘Notify me when Available’ thing like some other nurseries have.

I will probably get a Honey Blaze and a Honey Royale if/when they become available (again).

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What did you get from them? When I first saw their prices, I thought it was a typo. Not sure how you could make a profit on anything grafted at those prices. I have never bought anything so can’t speak to there quality or growing techniques, just find their pricing structure impressive, must be quite the operation.

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BlueGold blueberry and Blue Jay
Elberta and Golden Jubilee Peach
Honeysweet Pear
Yellow Del. and Fuji Apple
Alderman and Burbank Plums
Bing, Gov. Wood and North Star Cherry

The cherries and plums were all for sure seedlings of some sort. No way they were grafted.

I cannot find any sign of grafting on the others either.

In all fairness… their site does not say anything about grafted or grafting…or any kind of rootstock. Another fellow on here was supposed to call and ask about their grafting and rootstock but he never reported back.

I guess i just figured with them saying that they had been at it for 60 years that obviously the things i ordered would be true to name…

I cannot find any sign of any grafting on anything… also it looked as if they had put everything in a freezer to force dormancy.

For grafted trees… i think its an impossible pricing structure. For seedlings… I think they are making money. I even think the blueberries are seedlings.

IF they live and all flower and fruit something im ok with it for my habitat area… maybe something nice will come out of it.

I just want to be honest in my review… if im being honest i did not do my due diligence and ask them if the things that they sold were grafted. If they would have told me Yes i would likely demand a refund.

Its borderline fraud… i think.


I order and buy from lots of places, but my mainstay for mail order is Willis Orchard Company in GA, USA. So far, they’ve sent me everything on the packing slip (no missing items), sent only healthy plants (not dead sticks), and every live plant I’ve planted from them survived planting (my only losses have been deer-related, in 1 case directly from my heeling-in trench!). That’s a 100% success rate—no other mail order nursery has come close. They have really good prices, which is great. My only issue is their selection is a little narrow for what I do (they have lots of Rosaceae, which doesn’t always like rock-hard moist clay), though they do still have a wide variety of highly-regarded cultivars and extremely cheap straight species.

From Willis, I’ll probably get a bunch of wild American hazel (Corylus americana; need to ask about parentage) and wild American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana; they’re descended from Yates, which is an early 90 chromosome type, being smaller, disease-resistant, and self-fertile) on the cheap. For named cultivars, I need to replace blackberries and raspberries that were destroyed by deer (I’m going for the thorniest, nastiest ones I can get—they will be edible hedges) and round out more of my fig collection (I’m trying to hit all the major flavor profiles while also choosing the most humid acid clay-loving and disease-resistant cultivars of each flavor). May even try some banana—I think it’s warm enough that they’ll survive (blazing zone 7/8) but I have no idea if they’ll fruit (and I’m personally opposed to container gardening except for occasional, special purposes: my plants need to work for me, not the other way around, as much as possible!).

I also plan to try One Green World for the first time, after more disappointment from one of the other big PNW nurseries (missing plants, only 50% of the previous winter order left alive as of today, etc). I’m getting at least a maypop (Passiflora incarnata), feijoa (Feijoa sellowiana), and some strawberries (Fragaria × ananassa), maybe more when I see what the price tag comes out to. Then I want to start filling in some other non-fruit perennials, including oilseed camellia (Camellia oleifera; no tea for me, please!), mountain pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata), and rhubarb (Rheum × hybridum).

Other than that, I’m getting everything from pollinator plants to conifers (such as pseudolarch) from seed from various sources, maybe a special live yucca. I have a very specific list of species and cultivars, so there aren’t a lot of options (at any price) for about half of my needs. No time to waste on species and cultivars that don’t work well here—once I get solid genes that prove themselves, then it’s time to propagate.

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I agree with almost all of this. The only part missing is that the things that they send you are not all true to name. So in this way they are like TyTy.

Alot of us on here have bought from both and there are still alot of us that are still mad about it.

Wild American Hazels from seed are pretty small… which is cool if you are doing it for the wildlife… but at the minimum for yourself you should try some Hazelberts which are 2-3X the size. Wild persimmons you might get a bunch of males… if thats ok with you.

Thorniest nastiest blackberries- Get with me or 39th parallel nursery and get you some Healthberries. There is nothing nastier. Prime Ark 45 is pretty thorny and if you get a deer munch you should still get 2 crops. Should be good for your zone as well. Kiowa is worth growing also. Brazos, Brison, Rosborough are also very thorny and nasty and love the heat. Dorman Red is a good choice for your heat. It should do well in Z4-9. Baba is also a good choice.

There is enough bad reports and reviews on Willis and TyTy (and all of their shell companies) on this forum, on all of the old forums and even on just about every social media group to shut them down… yet they still thrive.

Buyers Beware!!!


I read through that thread over a year ago and the vast majority of it seems to be repetition of the same claims (ironically, much of the thread *is not even about Willis*), which were built upon rumor and since debunked (eg, on Houzz, just below where such theories were formulated). Many of the member experiences (Dudeness, Shibumi, PharmerDrewee, Fishsauce, etc) in this forum’s thread were positive (as were mine), and a few odd mistakes were corrected (like Fusion’s mis-ship). Not sure why this place is being used in the same sentence as TyTy; it has never been a part of TyTy and my experiences with PNW nurseries mirror TyTy far more. Maybe it’s time for you to check them out again—I’ve had multiple great calls to the owner discussing everything from tissue culturing to his on-the-ground experience of fungal disease resistance of various cultivars in the GA climate and all my cultivars have been true to name as far as I can ascertain, down to the bloom period and cross-pollination compatibility (tested against stock from other sources). I’ll try to remember to take a pic when I unbox this winter and update if there were any issues—though there have not been any in the years I’ve been a customer.

Checked on the 39th Parallel website, but it had a number of technical issues (eg, broken menu on mobile with some links unusable) and only seems to list apples and pears (which are banned up here). Not sure what a “healthberry” is, so perhaps you could provide a binomial name and/or link. Already getting Kiowa from Willis—good call there, and I’ll check on the other named Rubus cultivars you mentioned. Not sure if I want to go the hazelbert route, as I’ve got some commercial European cultivars (also from Willis—new this year but cross-pollinating and budding as expected, and *very* vigorous) and I can make my own cross if I really wanted to—I’d prefer a better hands-on experience with the American species before I make a big decision. Just getting into American persimmons, as well, so I’m interested in the chromosomes at this point—I’ve seen lots of 60-chromosome (tetraploid) plants but want to test out the 90s (hexaploid) on the cheap.

I’ve ordered from Willis several times. It’s been about 50/50, great stuff and trash.

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