Fast growing trees

These advertisements have been popping up on YouTube. :persevere: I hate fear based marketing full of misinformation.


I can understand how a homeowner would assume that container grown was better. It’s counter-intuitive that a tree ripped out of the ground would quickly outperform a root-bound containerized tree in the ground. After all most people believe what they can see. They can’t see what’s going on in the ground…

And what nursery actually tries to sell an ungrafted seedling apple retail?

I had to post a comment…

It’s a bit misleading to compare your trees to ones grown from seed. Very few nurseries sell seedlings. And those few that do, usually label them as such. You’re setting up an artificially low comparison, like saying “Buy our tomatoes, they taste better than worms!”

Just because a tree is grafted, it isn’t “virtually problem free”, at least not withouth spraying. For most fruits like apples and peaches, you’ll need to spray (in most parts of the country, with the possible exception of the arid West) to protect from insects like plum curculio, apple maggot, etc. And that is for disease resistant varieties. Ones that aren’t will probably need spray for scab (like the Fuji and Pink Lady) or brown rot (peaches and plums)

And even if you are selling very large, mature trees, getting fruit the first year is a very iffy thing. It can happen, but not all the time. And it is usually just one or two fruit, which then set back the tree by using the energy it would have put into growth into fruit.


When I started purchasing trees and would google tree sales this was one of the first sites that would come up. I quickly disregarded them as the “Male Enhancement” equivalent of the fruit growing world.

Instead of having a classy site showcasing their products it was like an infomercial force feeding you. I’ll pass.

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Yea I forced myself to watch the cartoon ad in its entirety this weekend. Sadly people can and do push all kinds of false information on the web and in other places that the uninformed consumer usually just sucks up.Oh well, we cant educate everyone, some people just learn the hard way.