Favorite Bean or Pea for Pot Licker

Sometime I drink pot licker with a piece of dark hard bread, cat head biscuit or corn bread. I never throw that out when the beans are gone.

It finally rained like it’s supposed too, for two day oh boy! So on a wet cool gray fall-like day, I simmered up some snap beans and crowder peas.

There are some low country peas even darker soupy available by


This is a current well written book full of food stuffs’ history: apples, grains, veggies(peas), cider fruits, fish, etc.



Have you tried any heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo? Amazing bean broths. Pricey by mail but a local grocery may carry some.

Yep. Expensive, but really good. Some of my favorites for broth:

Just found out Rio Zape back in stock. Ordered 4 bags. It’s like choco flavored (think mole) pinto beans. Domingo Roja and Moro are tasty too.

I love White Whipporwill cowpeas for a good liquor. Note, many people think it is spelled Licker or Likker or Liquer (there is a french word spelled similar) but the correct word is Liquor. Need cornbread.

Iron & Clay are leading the pack here, at present.
Big rains, right after planting, last year, washed out almost all my cowpeas and beans. I had enough I&C seed on hand to replant, along with some dimpled brown Crowder peas. A few Piggott Family Heirloom and Franklin Red survived - enough to save seed to re-plant this year, so I’ll hopefully get to see how they stack up - if the deer don’t eat them before I get a chance. Planted black Cow cowpeas this year, as well, but got a poor stand… probably gonna be saving most of what they make for replanting next year.

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Naw, licker is right, I know cause we drink it from the jar. That’s why it’s called jar licker.

Rancho Gordo is pretty proud of their products…pricey. I would like to cook up a mess or two of those goat and scarlets.

iron clay, and red runners. the best. also we got brown peas that are like iron clay but bigger, I don’t know what kind they are, my grandma had them, gave seeds to my aunt and on to me. they’re probably something common that she just really liked. they make a really earthy soupy gravy slow cooked.