Favorite blood orange?

I’m trying to decide between a Moro and tarocco blood orange. I’ve only tried Moros and they can sometimes be a little tart for me. Only have room for one unfortunately. Any thoughts from those who’ve grown/tasted both?

I grow ‘Moro’ in my dining room and terrace during the summer. It is my favorite because of the deep shades of red to maroon coloring and the taste is definitely ‘blood’ orange. I have tasted the other two, however, Moro is the most tasty to me (I like tart) and I love the color.

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Moro has much more coloring in the pulp than Tarocco does. Tarocco is also more tart, and may only contain flecks of anthocyanin coloring in the pulp. Moro has a rich, more developed flavor, with a hint of wine overtones. If you think Moro is tart (allow it to ripen longer), then you’re not going to like Tarocco. I have them all, and by far for me, Moro is the sweetest. And yes, it is a bit on the tart side, compared to a regular orange.

Patty S,

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Thank you for chiming in. There’s so much conflicting information! I had read that Tarocco was the sweetest of the bloods and had been leaning towards it. Maybe I need to take a field trip to riverside in the name of research!

I have Tarocco, Sanguinelli and Moro (as well as several other pigmented oranges/pummelos), but these 3 are the 3 main “blood” oranges. Sanguinelli is the most tart for me, then Tarocco, and lastly Moro. My trees are young still, relatively speaking, and definitely, a trip to the UC Riverside Citrus Variety Collection is worth the visit. I’ve been several times, and depending when you go (try to go in late winter), you’ll get to do a fair amount of taste testing . If you can’t get in there (they will only have tours once a year, and not every year is the tour open to hobbyists), then the California Citrus State Historic Park in Riverside is a great visit. They give guided tours, and they will also let you taste test I think. Both are worth the visit, and for those who live close enough to drive there, you really should go. It’s part of our S. California fruit growing heritage.

Patty S.

We taste toured the citrus park last Spring, it was how I was finally able to talk my previously very anti grapefruit husband into our Oro Blanco tree :). I don’t rememember tasting any blood oranges though, it might have been too late in the season. Just a great excuse to go again!

Favorite blood orange? Any I get to eat!


… and is also the best choice for our mutual climates.

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I had one I bought at the store and it was the best piece of citrus I’ve eaten. Assumed it was Moro, so I bought one. The store bought blood orange had a very nice dark berry flavor that I absolutely love in figs. Nice to have that in citrus as well which is a winter fruit.

Not all Citrus are winter fruit. Also, ripening times vary by climate. For example, Valencia take 7 months to ripen after fruit set in their native tropical environment but 12-14 months in southern California.

Any thoughts on which might do better in Poway? I think we get day hotter/night colder than you and Patty do with your lovely ocean breeze.

Moro is the best choice for Poway. Sanguinelli is fabulous in Indio, with Tarocco as a runner-up.


I have only grown Moro, and don’t know what the others I purchased were. They certainly were not the deep color or taste as good as my Moro I can’t imagine anyone not liking it.


Yup. What Richard said. My Moro is thriving. My Sanguinelli and Tarocco are not as happy here as both my Moros. In fact, I’m enjoying a Moro Margarita as we speak!! :cocktail:


In the right climate – e.g., Indio, Turlock, North Africa – I absolutely love it, in fact it’s my favorite. I’d rather drive out and buy them than grow Moro here.

How about a Moro seedling as a pot plant in the great white north?

I’m trying it. I have 16 lemons on my Meyer lemon tree and it’s only two years old. I wish I had a south facing window. If you have a south window it will help. The orange probably won’t get as sweet as it should but it will be fun to have.

Ah, OK, I’m all for fun plants. I have one south window upstairs and we are cleaning out the former junk room to make a guest bedroom, so i can put it there:)

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