Favorite Blossom

Now that fall is here, my mind has immediately began wondering to thoughts of spring time. I was just wondering what everyones favorite fruit tree blossom is? I personally would put apricot blossoms as my number 1. I am curious to see how others feel.

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The first one.

Love the fragrance of apple blossoms.


It’s hard to pick one, I love the plum trees full of bees and other pollinators and then the peaches a little later. I love seeing pawpaws bloooming while I mushroom hunt. If I really had to pick one it would probably be pawpaws just for the fact that I love mushroom hunting.


Not sure why the plum pictures didn’t load the first time but here they are.


Beautiful plum tree, what variety?

Not sure, ordered it years ago as satsuma and it has dark purple skin and yellow flesh. I don’t even like it that much but I always loved seeing it bloom so I kept it.