Favorite day neutral strawberries?

Hello everyone,

I would love to hear from people who have tried out several varieties of day neutral strawberries. What is everyones best tasting day neutral that still puts out a decent crop?


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i had Evie 2 and they were very good plus heavy producers. if you want for excellent flavor mara des bois is it. smaller berries but most wild strawberry taste out of any cultivar I’ve tried. don’t spread as vigorously as others so easier to control.


Do the mara de bois produce more berries per plant since they are smaller? Thanks!

I am an amateur at best on strawberries… but i grew Seascape and Mara des Bois. I planted mine in a heavily composted bed that was way way too fertile. Both of them had enormous growth and runners went insane. 50 plants turned into 400 in a season. Against the rules i let them fruit the first year and both tasted excellent. Mara des Bois was packed with flavor…and from what i read the first year is the worst for production and flavor…so i dont really know how good they can be.

Foolishly i think i am going to also add Ozark Beauty… which has great reviews.

In my case i experimented with instead of straw…leaves. I have an abundance of leaves on my property. They absolutely thrived. So in my case i grow leafberries.

I pulled all my plants at the end of fall and have them in a nursery bed until i can dial in a better spot for them.

Amazing plants is an understatement… they just want to go and go and go. 1 plant turns into 10 in a hurry… its so hard to kill the little babies.

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I see you are z5…

But for those in southern heat and humidity Eversweet has worked well for me here.
The only everbearing strawberry that I have tried that actually kept producing thru July August with temps regular +90 +95 +100.

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The last couple years I was only growing Honeoye junebearing but decided to add Mara du Bois, Evie-2, and Seascape last year. I agree with the sentiment that MdB has the best flavor but Seascape is a close second and is larger. Evie-2 is a keeper for me as well because it also tastes good and seems to be rather prolific.

My advice would be to go with MdB for its unique flavor you will not find at the grocery store, and if you have the room I’d get Evie-2 as well.


id say about the same, maybe a little more.

i gave up on raising strawberries in my mulched raised beds because it was too much work to keep up with all the runners. within a few years it was just a mat of plants with little berries. i think if i try again ill cover the bed with plastic and plant in evenly spaced holes cut in that. then lay some mulch around the plants so the berries don’t rot. in early fall the 2nd year, ill pull the mother plant and plant a runner in her place. this way none of the runners can root in the bed unless you let them.