Favorite Euro Plums


Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture, but I think the one from Arboreum is like mine. Also, recall that there is a description in the Plums of New York.


That looks like mine, too.

The light inside the house was not good. Otherwise, it looked quite orange like the ones on the tree. They look like apricots but tasted very plumey with Euro plum aroma.


What is the color of your Pearl plums, yellow or orange? Mine are definitely orange just like the Arboreum pic.


Probably more yellow than orange.bb


Is that a graft and if so,where was the source?bb


I may have picked mine early and not let them ripen fully.bb


Got the scionwood from Bob Purvis and grafted in on aParfume mirabelle in the speing of 2017. I let mine went from green to yellow to orange.

The shape of yours looked like mine.

If you look up the pic of Pearl on Greenmantle web page, you’ll see that they were oblong and yellow. Your, @Vohd’s and my plums were quire round.


This year, I got the same blue round plums as @mamuang did on “Valor, ACN variant” graft, scion for which I obtained from @BobVance. It ripened about couple days before Stanley. This is just one graft among many, so I don’t mind having another variety. Did anybody discover by now what is the real name of this plum?

The flavor was ok for me but did not really stand out among other Euro plums of the same season. However, this is just first year of production for that graft, and I like having a lot of varieties anyway.

Mine is definitely not the real thing. This is also a graft from the wood I got from @BobVance. It’s an early plum as Ersinger should be (among Euro plums, only Opal and July Green Gage are earlier for me), but the description is way off. The true Ersinger should be a blue plum, while mine is yellow. It’s an early plum with a very good flavor, so I’m not complaining, although it would be nice to know what variety it is. :slight_smile:


The @BobVance Ersinger could have come from me,which was a scion I picked up at Raintree.Mine hasn’t fruited yet.bb


Here are 3 varieties of Queen Claude in my hand.

And some others.


Beautiful! Can you please identify the varieties in the photos?


In the hand from left to right.
Verte bonne
Reine Claude dorée
Reine Claude violette


What varieties in the last 3 pics, please?

Was the last pic a mirabelle? What variety?


Mirabelles! I’m missing Mrs G


My Ersinger look reddish. It is not deep blue like Castleton but a similar color like Opal ( if mine is real Opal, a big If). I think I got my Ersinger from @Susu

It fruited last year, too. Taste last year was OK, nothing to write home about. These two are not ripe yet.


I think I got Ersinger from Bob Vance and shared it with you. My oldest peach tree died together with many other varieties. I only have 3-4 plum varities now and Ersinger is not one of them.


So, mine Ersinger was from @BobVance. Stan’s Ersinger was from @BobVance.

@Bradybb thought he may have been the person sending Ersinger to Bob who shared it with us.

My questions are:

  • why Stan’s and my Ersinger have different colors?
  • @Bradybb, what your Ersinger looks like?

The mystery has intensified :smile:


Oh boy… you are going to get to the bottom of this aren’t you?! :heart_eyes:


Verte Bonne? I’ve never heard of that. Is it sold under another name?


No fruit yet.Raintree Nursery has something they call,Day of Classes and sell scions then.The scions are close together in tubes,so its possible one was pulled and put back in a different container.bb