Favorite Euro Plums


Mirabelles are too small to suit me- Green gage is my limit of tolerance (smaller fruit, more work), but how are those Pearls- taste and brix? Love to be able to add them to one of my gift fruit bowls- bowl them over. Plums are the most colorful of fruits- such a range of colors and shapes!

By the way, my Green Gages are actually sweetening up enough to be delicious. Really the first year they’ve been world class on my tree. Love this drought, love it! It’s raining a bit today, though.


Pearl plums are not large plums. They are a size of small to medium apricots.
They look very pretty on the tree.

The ripe ones today were sweet and plumey. Brix was 20. They are not as intensely sweet like Coe’s or Mirabelles but very nice. We like it.


Although mirabelles are small, its productivity makes up for its size. My Mirabelles set fruit so prolifically.



I draw the line at sweet cherries and pistacios. I guess I don’t mind the work for a decent pay-off. Now blue crabs require some effort. It always amuses me to see the effort people go through for a few scraps of stringy crab flesh.


I’ll show you mine if you want. They are the same color as the plum president.


Pearl for me was not productive at all so I pulled it. The few fruits I got were very good but not in the top league (Coe’s, Bavay).


I can’t tell how productive my Pearl graft will be. It was grafted on a mirabelle tree in 2017 and set about 8 plums, from a 3+ ft tall branch this year.

We ate the last two today. It was nice, qsweet and jammy. One of the two had brix at 25!!! Could not get juice from the other one.


I sold my first 5 lbs of mirabelles to my neighbor. I am so excited.

She wants the rest.


For how much? Are you going to get rich? :laughing:


I don’t think I could make enough to buy a bag of fertilizer :smile: Pricing is still up in the air. I think I underpriced my first batch at $3 a lb. My neighbor could never find these fruit in any store in New England.


In CA, last I was there $4 a pound was pretty standard for tree ripened fruit. They are organized not to underbid each other. But that’s just for standard stuff. I mean, even regular high end grocery stores often charge $6 for heirloom tomatoes.

Time for you to find some nearby property and become a proper farmer!


I wonder if there is any further info on Valton Plum ? I planted one this spring and have taken a chance ordering 2 more for fall planting based on the review at Hardy Fruit Trees (who sell the variety). I have found little info other than what is mentioned on their website and repeated elsewhere…


Is that a kaolin spray ?


Yup, many rounds for full strength Surround (kaolin clay) sprays.


your comment on tomatoes made me snicker…for years now we’ve sort of operated on an understanding at my house that basically anytime I bring home Asian persimmons they came from an Asian market, same for fresh shiitake or king oyster mushrooms and a few other things…

when “regular” groceries think they have a shiny new object, you pay through the nose, so I get persimmons for as little as under a buck a pound on occasion, and never more than like $2, and the Kroeger wants like three bucks for a single fruit.


Does anyone have pictures of their Jefferson plums?

Pics from nursery websites show yellow plums. Mine are reddish yellow. Not sure if they are true to the variety.


Here is a link to a pick of mine. They get a little darker than this when riper:What fruits did you eat today?
Mine was from Trees of Antiquity.

Here is a link to a pic from @Stan


Thank you. Tree of Antiquity says Jefferson is a large golden yellow plum with orange flesh. From this description, @Stan’s Jefferson looked to be real. I am not sure what color flesh was yours.

Mine were small reddish/yellow skin plum with yellow flesh. Obviously Not Jefferson.


My Jefferson plums are uniformly large, oval shape, whitish bloom on the skin, dark yellow under the bloom, no red.


@Stan and @ztom
Here are my imposter Jefferson. Only two of them this first year. Small orange with red blush and yellow/amber flesh.