Favorite loppers?

I currently using an old, dull pair of Corona loppers that I picked up years ago and I’d like to upgrade to something that gives a cleaner cut.

What is the gold standard for loppers? Or what is your favorite make and model?

I saw a pair of anvil loppers for the first time in a local store. Are they any good?


I have a set of Corona loppers, they are alright. Haven’t used them, but I’m sure ARS and Felco loppers are good.

Anvil pruners are used for cutting dead branches/stems, they crush instead of making a clean cut so they shouldn’t be used on live material. Bypass pruners are what you want for most pruning applications.

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I have several I use. I like the light weight expandables as well as my handheld Florians. The gas powered pruners are nice as well when knocking down the big limbs. I don’t own Felco but I will have to check them out.


I was at Harbor Freight today and they had these loppers on sale today.
See link.
With a coupon I could’ve had it for $12. I still didn’t buy it since I know nothing about loppers and decided to come back and search this forum for threads on tools. Thanks for posting this Bart. I’ll follow it with interest.

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I have a set of craftsman loppers but rarely use them. If it’s small enough I use hand pruners but if it’s too large I prefer a pull saw.

Just picked up a pair of Felco #8 and a Fiskars Pruning Stik Tree Pruner. Used the Felco pruners last night and found them to take some force to cut larger diameter wood… 1/2 inch to 1 inch as expected. With all the pruning I do, I could see these really wearing someone out. On the other hand smaller cuts worked well.

The Florian hand pruners I have work so much better with the ratchet action. I know they are not bypass and some people are concerned with bruising branches. For my case I’m not worried about any bruising. Have not tried the Fiskars Pruning Stik Tree Pruner yet. Will report on them later.

I’m looking for a good set of loppers as my fruit trees are starting to get bigger and hand pruners are not strong enough. I also will use them for making trails through the woods and I need to clear paths through limb-choked areas. I tried to do that yesterday with a machete and it’s not good at slicing through thicker limbs. Also need them for pruning of other trees and old bramble canes around the farm.

I found these at Lowe’s the other day, and was wondering if anyone were familiar with these, or Corona loppers in general. They seem to have good reviews. They cut up to 1.5" limbs.Thanks.


I really like my Bahcos they have aluminum handles which help with the weight.

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Insert your favorite spiel about bypass vs anvil and note that each has some advantages vs the other.

I’ve been using these for a few weeks now and thoroughly enjoy the extendable handles.


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I have some pics above, my go to are usually Fiskars and Corona. The ones that extend. Lighter the better. Wide spread is good.

Or these heavy things.


During the pruning demos this year in my state and I noticed that the fruit specialist for Blueberries and the one for tree fruit use different brands of tools.

The Blueberry guy uses 32 inch Felco lopper ($200) and Felco hand shears

The Fruit Tree guy uses 32 inch Hickock loppers ($75) and Pica hand shears ($100)

I prefer the Hickock loppers and ARS shears. Hickock makes a 36 inch lopper that works great when the size of the material is a little larger, or more reach is required.

ARS also makes a 4 foot pruner which works great for heading fruiting wood on peach trees that can’t be reached with the hand shears

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Found these Corona loppers @ Lowe’s. The price in the display area showed them at $25. I couldn’t find any reviews for this model on their site, but their other Corona loppers were highly rated.

When I checked out though, I got them for half price! The cashier said it’s because they have been discontinued and they’re trying to get rid of them. Fine by me.

Took them out for a few test cuts and they were pretty smooth, and pretty light. The gel handles make them very comfortable. Supposed to cut up to 1.5", so we’ll see how they do.


Good deal!

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Yeah, you could imagine my shock when the cashier rung them up for only $12.50. I should have gotten two of them. Considering I tend to lose things, getting a second set probably would be a good idea.

Second week in a row I got a good deal at Lowe’s. Last week they had a 1/2 price cart with some things on it and I found a True Temper wood handled weed whacker for only $8.

Since you’re not too far from here, have you starting your pruning yet?

I’ve cut some scions for a buddy but haven’t really done any pruning. I say that however, I sort of started but the mud and rain hasn’t let me really get serious yet.

This year will be a bit laid back as I try to take care of what I have and not create more than I can handle and enjoy doing.

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Well, yes the mud has been a big issue here, too. Maddening. I guess my real question is it too early to be doing any pruning of my trees? It’s supposed to drop down in the teens next weekend, and I don’t want to hurt my trees.

Honestly… I try to prune when I can get into the trees and do it. If I can get in there this week I will and if not… whenever I get time… That is pretty much why I mentioned I’m going to slow down a bit… as time just hasn’t been on my side the last couple of years. When I have the time… the weather doesn’t cooperate. It’s kind of like having bees… you’re either a beekeeper or beehaver… and right now I’m a haver…

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Took them out today for some work. I started by bushwhacking a few trails through the trees behind our house. Cuts everything up to an inch like buttah. Now there’s a few more clearer trails up in there.

I spent about a half hour cutting up old wild blackberry canes along my fenceline to clean that area up. Looking better already, although there’s more to do. Just came in for a break.

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Just came back in, getting dark. Got the BB canes cleared out of the row, pruned off a bunch of waterspouts off the big, old Milam apple tree, and a bunch of weird tree/cane brush. Quite a productive day thanks to the loppers.

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This is probably my favorite tool. Especially when it is sharp!

image https://www.agrieuro.co.uk/media/images/products/web/6505/agrieuro_6505_1.jpg

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