Favorite Muscat Grapes?

Perhaps the best advice for choosing grapevines for your zone is to talk to your county extension office. As someone stated on this forum “all gardening is local”. My guess is that is true of vineyards too.

As you probably already know seeded vines are generally much more productive than seedless vines. That is the only reason that I know of to have Swenson Red grapevines as a table grape rather than a seedless vine. Most folks prefer for their table grapes to be seedless - myself included. My main problem with Swenson Red grapes was that after I ate my seedless table grapes and made jelly out of my Concords - well, what do I do now with my Swenson Red grapes? Seedless table grapes had spoiled me on table grapes and Concords had spoiled me on juice and jelly. I guess I could say that Swenson Red in my opinion is the jack of all grapes but the master of none. However, I will admit that it is a better table grape than Concord.

Kiwinut is correct in that you should not be concerned about
Pierce’s Disease. You are much too north for PD. Winter kill may effect you though.

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I agree that all gardening is local. The problem with that here is that the County Extension office is not recommending anything outside the usual of what most folks grow for varieties here in my state.

I’m after taste in my fruit (in addition to being able to grow it successfully here). So, for example, our county extension office seems to recommend mainly Reliance, Contender, Elberta, and Redhaven peaches. But I want to grow (and am growing) Shui Mi Taos, Lars Andersons, Peche DeVigne, and Strawberry Cling, among others. They don’t even discuss nectarines, aprium or plumcot varieties, and we’re growing several of each and have started getting some great fruit.

Many of the varieties we’re growing have been chosen based on my research and the recommendation from you fine, experienced folks. And, of course, the nurseries describe all their varieties as the best tasting, etc. So it helps to hear about all your experiences.

Based on all of your responses to my query I’m redefining what the grape vine purchases will be for this year and next. Thanks for all the input.

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One new grape that has not been mentioned is Compassion, it is a new U Ark. grape which is the most muscat-like of their new series. I have many of their other newer ones, Hope Faith Joy etc, but I find them too mild. Compassion is supposed to have more flavor.


That sounds interesting, too. I’ll look for that one. I found a lot of the ones that Fruitnut mentioned as his favorites. So far all seem compatible with my zone. At least on paper. :slight_smile: .

While not a muscat type, another Concord-like seedless that is hardy and has huge berries is Everest Seedless from Cornell. It’s a bit unusual as it’s a tetraploid grape. I have not heard from anyone growing it yet (it’s a new release), but it sounds promising. It should be available from Double-A.


Wow! How is the taste? (I just placed an order about 30 minutes ago with Double-A for 2 other grape vines.)

Hope that you will be happy with your new grapevines!

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Summer Muscat is seedless

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that is perfect. im so happy to hear you confirm that are seedless. does anyone know where i can get summer mascat that ship to WA? or have any cuttings to spare?i can pay to get a few cuttings? i have searched online nursery doesnt ship to WA.

I have a hybrid of Saint Pepin x Alden.
It’s a slightly pink grape when ripe with a good Muscat flavor.
From a cross I made about 20 years ago.

I have a few hybrid Muscat grapes.

I’d like to find a good strong Muscat flavor grape.
Am indifferent to seeds. But would like a grape that can ripen well in our cooler weather.
The best one I ever had was Canada Muscat.
NY Muscat was good, but a weak grower.
Golden Muscat is pretty late, and needs a very warm site. It’s also suc. to botrytis, but the clusters are impressive.
I do have one fairly strong Muscat;
ES 5-17 x Orange Muscat. It’s a female with large clusters, but only reaches 18 brix. My own hybrid cross.


golden mascat was it seeded or seedless?
NY mascat i remember seeded right?
im looking for seedless mascats do you have any recommendations?

It has a few seeds.
Nothing like a Concord though.
It ripens late
Needs a really warm sunny site.
Clusters are over a pound each.

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too bad they sure look pretty the golden mascats! still in search if seedless mascat.

I am growing Golden Muscat and my climate should meet all its requirements - long growing season, dry summer and enough heat. I was not enamored by the flavor the first year but I am sure it will improve. However, I agree with you, the combination of slip skin and seeds is a tough sell in my family (and even for me). I will probably wait one more season, and if it doesn’t grow on us, I will have to pull it out.

As for Summer Muscat, I’d pass on that if I were you. Even @fruitnut says its difficult to grow, in what is essentially a fruit growing lab :slight_smile: I also know @Girly tried it at her place and she mentioned it cracked a lot. I can’t see it doing well in PNW. Did you look at Jupiter?

Hi i like Italy, Hamburg muscat, and Román muscat

The Strongest Muscat flavor grape
I had locally
Was Canada Muscat.
But I don’t have it anymore.
I have a hybrid of Saint Pepin x Alden
That is pretty good. My own cross.
It is faintly pink when full ripe
but has a few seeds.
Ripens late mid season.
Medium vigorous.

New York 65.483.2 was a Geneva hybrid Muscat grape. It was seedless and had good flavor.
Don’t know how to get a hold of it anymore
Ripened well for me, locally (Tacoma Washington).

One Green World sells NY 47616 Table Grape