Favorite tart berry?

In your opinion and generally speaking, what is the best tart berry amongst these, considering the fact that you would eat them transformed (cooked, with added sugar, etc)?

-Cornelian cherry
-High bush cranberry
-Autumn olive

I grow aronia and they are not tart as much as bitter. They can be used in apple juice about 40:1 to make it taste like grape juice. The autumn olives are fine but the husky pits are about as big as the berry. I suck the juice out of them and spit out the pits. The other three I don’t grow but I suspect someone else can help with those.

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Thank you for your comment. I never had an aronia berry and I am so curious. Did you try them cooked? Do they keep their bitterness?

They do keep their bitterness. They are very valuable to me to increase the nutrient level of my apple juice. They are not meant to be eaten fresh.

That’s actually the first time I read that about them. I am so gratefull that you informed me about it. Thank you.

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It’s not on your list but I like Nanking cherry

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Never had nanking, but I planted a bush last year. I can’t wait to taste the berries. I’m happy you say you like them. I was asking the question because I would like plant a good berry for processing, but I can’t find much info about them except for their nutritionnal value. If you have other suggestions, they are welcome :slightly_smiling:

I had a Cornelian cherry when I first moved into my house. When I found out it was edible, I tried a few. I vaguely remember that they were mouth-puckering when under-ripe. When they got really ripe, they were sweet but had a mushy texture and a flavor that reminded me of cough syrup. The fruit were also pretty small, but that might just be because it was just an ornamental landscape plant and not a variety cultivated for fruit. Mine was a pretty sizable tree (15 ft tall by 25-30 ft wide) of messy growth before I ripped it out. I could see them being tasty processed, but it wasn’t worth it for me since the likelihood of my processing the berries was marginally better than zero.

Last year was the first year my goumi bush bore. The fruit were tart, but not so tart that you couldn’t eat a few fresh. The flavor was decent, especially for a zero care bush that I primarily planted for a hedge and as a nitrogen fixer.

Interesting. Once again, I’m thinking I would love to plant Goumi, but can’t find any around here or from online nurseries in Ontario or Quebec. I might try to trade some scion wood here (on growing fruit).

Jessica I think they are zone 5 - 6 will they work ok there?

I have no idea. I’m thinking under snow they might be ok. Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t sell them anymore in nurseries. I wonder if autumn olive taste the same.