Fedco Tree Sale 2019

Fedco is having its annual tree sale. Today and tomorrow. I was just there picking up some plums and a peach. Once again this year the trees were of excellent quality and they were having half off on apples, crabapples, pears, asian pears, and hybrid plums. So $15 for a well rooted well branched 7 foot tree.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures my phone camera is the worst one I have ever had.

An not just trees…

I was so tempted to get more trees. But I decided that I should focus on improving what I have and not have to plant more… other than the… 30… or so I’ve already planned for this spring.


Oh wow, I don’t think I could resist myself if I walked into a place like that! But, yeah, like you, I have enough as it is, still haven’t finished my spring weeding and mulching.


i am very weak when i comes to trees on sale. Found a nice 3 gallon Keifer pear on sale for $4 the other day. of course it made it to my truck. Upon getting home i looked around and thought “now where the heck am i going to plant it” LOL.

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wish it wasn’t a 5hr, drive for me or i would have gone. i always say I’m done putting more plants in then i get a idea on how to make it work and get some more. :wink: i


I’ve been in that same situation.

I also forgot a few pictures of what the trees looked like just before I stuck them in the ground a couple hours ago…

This is a Toka. The tape measure is set at 3 feet.

This is a Waneta.

On the left is an American plum for $5. On the right with a massive root system is a Contender peach.


nice trees! i was thinking of trying a contender peach up here. I’ve read its z4 hardy but I’m skeptical.

Fedco itself is in zone 5a, and all the contender trees at the sale showed no sign of winter cold damage. That said this winter wasn’t particularly extreme. If you want to take an inexpensive risk try a graft of Contender for a couple years and see how it goes.

can you graft a peach to a apricot? i just planted a adirondack gold last week.

From what I read, peach to apricot is incompatible in long term.

I don’t know. That’s not something I’ve tried.

Thank goodness I don’t live anywhere close by AND they don’t ship during this sale because I’d have lots more digging to do as well. Those are some nice looking roots and the ops look good as well. Even though I’m thankful to not have them close by I still feel like I’m missing out some how.


I got a few nice trees like that from them this year. If I was closer I’d have trouble… How much of a tree like that Toka should a person prune at planting?

I’d say try and bring the top in balance with the root mass. I’ve pruned more than half of whats up top off.


That’s cheap, wish I was there.

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the toka I’d probably cut 1/3 to half the branches just because they are crowded…they’re fine now but you can cut now, to balance the roots, or will almost have to cut by next season anyway…

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Great looking sale. I would buy a lot of stuff there.