Feijoa grafting

I have been trying to perfect Feijoa grafting and I am having very high success rate with really small scions.


Some more pineapple Guava grafts


Are those cleft grafts?

Yes they are all cleft grafts

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I had a small feijoa grafting project this spring, the scionwood was very thin and long time in the mail so I am happy with the 40% success rate (5 out of 13 took)
@EdinTexas , thanks for your advice!



Glad to see you had some success! I still find pineapple guavas to be one of the most difficult plants to graft!


I also did a little test, doing a transplant at the end of June.
I beheaded 15 days ago. both transplants leave.

Another test was made with wood that I had for 7 months in the fridge. And surprise, I have a departure too.

Another test is in short. It should allow to have a high rate of success.


Here is some results from my feijoa grafting:


What is the best time to graft Feijoa? specifically on an established plant? mid-May after the rains are done here in CA?

April works great at my location in Davis, CA. This year in addition to grafting onto small trees I also top worked few large branches of my Coolidgei. All grafts on large branches took. Here are the pictures from early April and August 1.

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image image image


Impressive. Are those all bark grafts? The last one seems like a cleft. Just wondering if certain grafts perform better for Feijoas.

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All but one are bark grafts here. There is one cleft in the lower part of the middle picture. I only used bark and clefts on feijoa. Clefts are for thinner rootstocks. They all work fine in April.

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In Australia, it is said that feijoa can be grafted all year long.
I do not have much experience with this plant.
I tried my first transplants at the end of last June. Last 15 days ago.
I do not really see any difference on the success stories.
Here are 2 trees made around the 10th of September. Almost in autumn.


Where in Australia?

On the Australian forums.

Do you graft your plants in a greenhouse or outside? Are you in a mild climate?

Yes I know I cheat often. Indeed I grafted under glass for just 18 Ā° in the afternoon.
The last ones are cold. I am curious to see if they will take.
Iā€™m friends with you on FB if you want more photos. I can send you by messenger.

Hy Paul! You have got very nice feijoa plants. I live in Hungary and I have got a few feijoa plants, because I cannot purchase too much types in Europe. Could I purchase some feijoa cuttings from you? I really want to get wiki tu, pounamu, anatoki, kaitieri and other types. Best regards, David

Can you folks who have successfully grafted feijoa describe how you collect and prepare the scion wood?