Feijoa hand pollination time

Had about 15 flowers on each of my two feijoas last year, looks like I have my work cut out for me this year.

Why are you hand pollinating? Mine set fine without any assistance.

Truth be told I probably don’t need to. Last year I hand pollinated and only had 8 fruit, all on one plant and all on the same limb. I tend to have poor fruit set, jujube and pluot set very little fruit for me, I think its the humidity but not sure. Having said that a man in town has 2 large plants that set incredible amounts of fruit and I know he does nothing to them.

They have such pretty blossoms. I keep hoping mine will bloom, but nope. In any case, I think they are nice evergreen landscaping plants. Still, I’d like mine even more if there were blossoms and fruit! I hope you get loads off of yours this year.

How old are your bushes? I bought a one gallon plant from Edible Landscaping and then realized I needed a second so I ordered a small 2" pot from Florida Hill Nursery. That was 4 years ago and after 3 years both plants were the same size and both bloomed a little the 3rd year. The fruit was rather small but good, I hope the EL plant pictured above fruits this year and produces larger fruit than the FHN plant did last year. Maybe I should have gotten a grafted variety.

Just purchased last spring, but I can’t tell you the actual age. Current size is about 4’ wide X 3’ tall. Purchased from Stan McKenzie of McKenzie Farms over on Olanta Hwy near Scranton. His webpage has them listed as gal. pots, but this might have been a larger pot, since he doesn’t list everything online.

Have you ever purchased from him? He’s a good man, and knowledgeable. I turn to him when I need a citrus fix. His prices are much better and the plants are larger than I ever see in local nurseries, plus he carries more variety. I don’t mean to sound like an add, but this is a local farmer/nurseryman who I wholeheartedly support because he treats customers well and raises interesting products.

My wife would be so jealous if she saw your feijia trees. We have a few trees in Oregon but yet to have fruit, due both to the climate and younger trees. I have heard fruit set is better on known varieties than just seedlings. I have four seedlings and one coolidge. We had a mild winter so I’m hoping to have more blossoms this year, maybe…

Also, I think hand pollinating is the way to go, IMHO.

Yes I have bought a good bit of trees from him, good guy.

Have you been to the Riverbanks Zoo? They have fiejoa planted everywhere but I did not see any fruit, that was first part of July so the fruit may have been small and I could have overlooked them. They also have a large pawpaw there too along with nice green figs. The figs were ripe when I was there, wonder how they fared through the winter?

I hope my EL tree is of better quality than the one from FHN, I should find out this year. My fruit was a little bigger than a hardy kiwi but did taste good. Depending on how this year goes I may get a known variety next year.

I[quote=“c5tiger, post:8, topic:1288”]
Have you been to the Riverbanks Zoo? They have feijoa planted everywhere

It’s about 15 minutes away. I raised 8 kids and have 4 grands now. So, I’ve been there a “few” times. :smile: I don’t go as often now. I hadn’t even noticed them.

They probably fared fine through winter. Mine have no problem. Since the zoo/botanical garden is along the river and canal, their temperature changes tend to be moderated. They have some interesting things growing there.

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