Feijoa variegated

You may remember the young feijoa sowing of last year.FB_IMG_1564380713856

Here he is today.
A beautiful evolution I find.
Do you know of other variegated feijoas?


Very interesting. How many plants were sown last year and is just the one now variegated?

I would say at least 2000 seeds.
This one is differentiated from the beginning.
If it is now variegated … What do you think?
100% of the leaves are variegated yellow from the beginning. For me it’s stable.


This is really cool! It will be interesting to see how the fruit on this plant looks.


How did this plant evolved? Any fruits?

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It appears to be stable in its variegation. There will be people interested in it for its ornamental qualities regardless of fruit ripening time or quality. I imagine florists would also be interested in using cut stems from it in arrangements.

If it turns out to be early ripening or exceptionally high quality fruit then that’ll be exceptional.