Felco Left hand pruners

Where can I get a good buy
on Felco left- hand pruners?
I think that is Felco #7.

I buy mine through the the factory website.

Where is the factory website for Felco?

The F7 may be a right hand model,with a rotating handle.F9 is left hand,as is,F10,F16 and F17.
Here is an Ebay seller for the F9.

Another place,with pruners from Felco and others.

Hmmm… I’m left handed and for more than half the year prune fruit trees all day long, but I keep my pruning saw on the left and my pruners on my right. When something is easier to reach with my left hand I switch my pruners to it, so even though I’m not ambidextrous I prune both left and right handed and don’t notice the difference in the performance of my pruners whatever hand I’m using.

Thing is, ARS doesn’t make a left handed pruner, just a sharper one that cuts better than a Felco. I did discover last winter that, somehow, Felco seems to cut frozen wood better than a ARS VS pruner. I can’t explain that one.

Where is the factory website for Felco?