Fenugreek tastes grassy

Does anyone have experience growing fenugreek from seed? I’ve tried both seeds from packets and from grocery stores. The young leaves taste very bland, not at all like the leaves sold in Indian grocery stores which are a bit bitter and flavorful.

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I buy them dried already, I only use them dried. I think that it’s one of the cheapest spice to buy dried. So I have never thought about growing it.

@bleedingdirt this is my first time growing fenugreek and my plants look much younger than yours - I used this jar of 2 year old seeds my mom left in my freezer from the Indian grocery store and they germinated like weeds! Flavor is great - bitter and flavorful. But stems are very fibrous.



It’s used fresh too. Sub for kale or spinach or dandelion or any other greens

Mine unfortunately never grew to that size, casualty of the war between the tanks and me.