Fertilizing an orchard with irrigation emitters

I am using Rainbird 13mm irrigation hose with 2.2 gallon per minute emitters to feed 1500 trees. I have it broken down into 9 zones that I water when necessary. My water pressure is a steady 55psi even at the far ends. m I have access to a few IBC totes which I was wondering if they could be used to deliver fertilizer via a siphon system to each zone. I was thinking of placing one IBC tote per zone (9 total) and filling with water soluble fertilizer, mixing with the 275 gallons of water in the tank and siphon feeding each zone. I also have lots of fresh manure around that I was thinking of making into manure tea and feeding with that. Has anyone does anything like this? Does anyone have experience with siphon feeding crops? Tips? Pitfalls? Do’s or don’ts?