Fertilizing fruit treez

Hi people,
I heard that fertilizing alongside a fruit tree’s dripline is the best way to feed them. The only issue is my tree’s dripline is all grass. What should I do?

Rip out the grass.


You could try those fertilizer spikes that you hammer into the ground. It’s true that the grass will end up stealing nutrients, but for those of us who are using trying to grow fruit trees mixed in with ornamental gardens there are always compromises to be made :slight_smile:

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I mulch with wood chips and I feel it helps the trees versus competing with the grass. I bring in 1 load a year and have been expanding the area I cover under the trees each year. I would not lay down wood chips directly on the grass though, I save cardboard to put down on top of the grass and then wood chip over that. It breaks down quickly for me but lasts long enough to smother the grass and weeds

I have 5 year old peach trees that hang well over my 6 ft mulched circle. I fertilize evenly on the mulch and into the grass. The peach trees grow like weeds. I have done a lot of summer pruning

If I ripped out the grass under my trees, there would be no grass at all. The tops nearly touch!