Field Graft unions

People always ask a lot about field graft unions and I tell them up front it takes several years at times for them to heal over. Here are a few unions and larger trees I grafted in the last several years.


Some graft unions out grow the wild callery rootstock i use. In this case i grafted clara frijs to a callery pear notorious for rejecting scion wood shown.above. The grafts did take though im doubtful they will ever look like i had envisioned them. The tree is now producing a few clara frijs pears a year but clara frijs is very delayed in fruiting in my experience.

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I like to see the graft unions. To me it is a beautiful thing. Proof of work done. Each graft that takes seems like a small miracle. Many of you could apply for sainthood at this point.


Anyone have some interesting graft unions? Using wild callery trees i get lots of interesting grafts.