Fig deer fence?

Will it work? It worked last year. You have a bunch of extra figtrees, grow it in front of your cheap 60” low fence. Deer don’t jump a fence if they know they going to Land in a figtree.


It wouldn’t work here. Deer seem to be less interested in figs though. Love the way you have them more as trees. Can’t seem to get that here.

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what if they see a salad bar behind the figtrees

Here they would find the weakest spot. Jump, eat, destroy, take a nap, take a crap, then roll on out. Repeat next night. They may not go for the figs, but if there is anything else in there of interest they are going to jump it.

I guess your deer are much smarter than ours. I got 3 lots with 60” from Lowe,s , I don’t have a problem with them. Sometimes I leave the gate open, forgot to close. I wouldn’t write if it didn’t work. It doesn’t have to be figs, I also grow Kerea bushes right against the fence. This bushes grow fast up to 6 feet tall, nice yellow flowers right about now.
The reason I pick figs, got to eat the fruits while being protected. If you have a lot of figtrees and you don’t know what to do with them.

I started with the same fence. Several didn’t quite make the jump and messed up the fence. Extended to 8 foot this year and I expect zero problems from here on out. I wouldn’t say they are smarter here. More likely they just haven’t discovered your hideout yet. You can get that green fence cloth to put on the fence. Deer will not jump if they cannot see the other side.

You mean they don’t smell goodies to eat? Figs grow 8’ in a hurry! All I can tell you they must not like my offerings. Besides figs I guess they don’t like any kind of citrus either, lucky me. How about peppers, tomatoes?

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They say you need 8’ high fencing for deer. I think lower fencing works where they aren’t starving. This winter we saw interesting deer tracks in the snow. We have a soccer goal at the edge of a wood line. One deer sprinted through the net, ripping a hole. The other deer’s prints showed it jumped over the goal…8’ high, landed, and kept on running. I wish I would have seen that. Dead sprint through the woods, vault 8’, and keep running.

I’ve seen one jump 8’ before, he ran parallel inside the fence and just bounced over.

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I watched one of them go through one of my nets. Like it wasn’t even there. Makes you wonder why they didn’t just go around.