Fig drop in potted plants

A couple of my potted fig plants have been dropping fruit and I’m not sure why. They seem healthy, could this be a lack in a certain nutrient?

Here is a picture of my O’Rourke.

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The fruits are wrinkled. That could be caused by water shortage caused by too little water, black pots heat shutting down roots, root rot from to much water.

Are there any other similarities between the fig trees that are dropping fruit besides them dropping fruit? A different kind of pot than the rest? Different kind of soil than the rest? Different kind of location than the rest? Do you water them any different?

I guess I could water more, it’s raining more often now but maybe not enough for a 6 gallon pot.

The only different thing I could think of is soil. I planted all of these trees at various points throughout spring. I have been experimenting and changing my mix, and I think my mix is far better than when I planted the one above. Although some others planted during the same time look much better. Some look better even in a 4 gallon pot! Here is an example of another planted more recent with the same issue. This is a yellow long neck. You can see the new ones on top dark green and healthy looking. As you go down and look at the older figs, they turn yellow and fall off.

There are some varieties that are prone to drop fruit easier than others. Mine 10+ pots are in the sane kind o mf pits and are treated the same way.

Drop of Gold dropped easily every year. So it was gone now. Improved Celeste has a tendency to drop, too.

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Interesting, this could be a deal breaker for me on these varieties. Do you those tend to perform better in ground?

This is my Conadria in a 4 gallon.

Those pots are small. Mine are in 15 gallon pot. The biggest contributing factor of my fig drop is inconsistent water it receives.

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Some fig trees need more water at the same size than others, I have noticed this in pots, I do not keep enough fig trees in pots long enough to do a real observation of it, yet I think that is why some fig trees need a bigger pot than others to not drop figs, the more soil, the more water there is for a fig tree to drink up, and those are sizable looking fig trees.

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Some types are notorious for dropping figs their first few years. Smith and Celeste are known to often (not always) do this. They usually outgrow this habit after a bit.

When I have figs drop, it’s usually a watering issue. Either it became really hot or something happened to the irrigation drip heads (dogs knocking them out.)

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