Fig dropping fruit early

I have a Black Jack fig tree in the ground. It is in its third leaf since putting it in the ground. This year I had about 10-15 breba fruits and it seems that they are all dropping before ripening. Is this a young tree issue? Pests? Or possible from a cold snap? We had two or three mornings in early May where temps were down to 30F for a short period (an hour or so).

I have yet to eat any fruit from the tree. Hoping this will be the year. Last year the weather got too cold before the fruit ripened.

Do u have photos of the fruits? if u cut in half and take a photo. there is something that is in southern CA called the black fig fly that does affect figlets.

Here are a couple figs. These were smaller ones I just found. There were some larger than this that fell but not too much bigger.

Some of my figs dropped the entire crop for years before it started ripening them. That’s pretty common here.

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doesn’t look like any BFF it probably not related to insect damage

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It’s not uncommon for brebas on a fig tree to abort the same year as planted.