Fig leaf ID

Bought a fig tree for 10 bucks from Walmart. There is no variety, from Dewar nursery in Florida

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If leaves on other branches change shape, then it is a VDB type of fig trees. Beer Black is the most popular of them all.

If all leaves stay the same, then it is possible the Ficus Palmata, or wild fig. But that is unlikely if it is sold in Walmart.

Keep us posted.

Here is a Petite Negra, which is a little brother of VDB.


Those are likely the juvenile leaf form. Wait until mature leaves form and ripe fruit. Then you have a chance to get a good ID.


On their website thry have listed

  • Chicago Hardy (Zones 5-10)
  • Celeste (Zones 6-9)
  • Olympian (Zones 6-10)
  • White Marseilles (Zones 6-11)
  • Brown Turkey, GE Neri, Kadota, Magnolia + Violette de Bordeaux (Zones 7-9)
  • Beer’s Black + LSU Purple (Zones 7-10)

So im using process of elimination off that

I was hoping it was a VDB or close enough. I want one and a green type

Wish I was as good at IDing as you.

Im also looking for the paradiso or green ischea fig. For 10 bucks might go back and try my luck at another

Beer Black = VDB in general. Some Beer Black could be Black Mission.

Like yours and the photo I show above, the entire branch can have the same leaves. Then the other branch having different leaves. Eventually all leaves may change to mature leaves.

Im sorry Im not versed in figspeak.

So Beer black is a cultivar, yes?

VDB and Black Mission are also unique identifiable cultivars, yes?


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Also from living in South Florida some of the wildly aggresive ficus “figs” and stranglers growing down there I hope thats not what I bought lol

Hardy Chicago really struggles in zone 6. If it is grown in ground outsde it should be protected and induce to grow in early April in order to get a good yield before fall frost. It is much easier to start a small plant early under long spring days than protect large plants during the short fall days.

Can you explain?

In my zone 6b area my figs don’t start growing until late May. They start setting fruit late july up untill frost. My fruits don’t start coming in heavily until late September. It starts getting cooler and the figs stop ripening. If I cover the figs with glass and get them growing in late march when daylight is 12+ hours, they will start producing in mid august and ripen a lot of figs before frost. If I wait till fall to extend the season the trees are very big and hard to shelter. day light in November is near none.

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I do not know what state you are in. I’m in zone 6A/6B. It seems your fig season is one month later than I experience here in NJ. My in-ground tree starts to set figlets in late May and early June. It starts to have regular production in late August to frost date. And this year the fig season has been late. About one week later than normal.

It seems some fellow members in PA and MD are even earlier than I’m.

Cincinnati, Ohio. I live 500 feet north of the zone 6B line

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