Fig Planting Depth

I’m planting an Edible Ldscp Hardy Chicago fig tomorrow for a friend here in 7B Maryland. This first winter might be iffy for a fall planted fig so I wonder what you think about planting it deeper than normal? The included directions said to plant it an inch or two high. I looked at Stark website- it said plant two to four inches deeper than it grew in nursery. Am inclined to plant deeper to help roots survive first winter.

Thanks for any ideas.

I’d go deeper also or put lots of mulch on top to insulate the roots. Or maybe both.

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Deeper and stone under the mulch should help keep voles out of the loose soil in the rootball.

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Thanks! How important is it to let ground freeze before putting mulch around fig? I just keep deep mulch on year round on all my fruit trees.

Here’s what I would do if I was in your zone.

Plant it using the

Then cover with about 6" of mulch for protection and then insulate by covering with a secured garbage can this year until established.
Remove the garbage can in spring.

I would fill the garbage can with hay or leaves for extra protection.

Are you talking about a large plastic garbage can that has no ventilation?

It has to have holes for air circulation.

That was what I thought.

you’re much better to do it in April but yes an extra 2 inches is fine. you just don’t want to smother it.

I agree with mattk, if it was delivered via mail it’s small enough to easily store in a garage where it will be safe. plant in spring.

I’m in the camp that, If it is too small it won’t make it. I’ve had five foot trees in Texas totally die back and it is zone 8b, but my trees are only protected with mulch at the base. These were trees in 7 gallon containers with a large rootball and some managed to come back from beneath the soil in the spring.
It will take them a few years before they get established. I’ve had trees smaller than that also without any protection totally disappear by the spring.

This is a two year old tree surviving on its own currently surrounded by a chicken wire. All growth is new growth over this summer the original tree is gone.
Between the deer and the wild boar, I’m thrilled that it is still around.

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Well I went ahead and planted it a few inches deeper than normal. Will see how it does next Spring and report back. We found a perfect spot up near a brick wall on the south side of the house. Thanks for ideas.

I had a beautiful Hardy Chicago and a Celeste both reach 6 feet high, only to get razed by varmints in the winter.

When I get around to it, I need to surround my remaining in-ground figs with chicken-wire. You might consider this too.

Hey Matt, thanks for that alert. What animals eat fig bushes? I have seen no browse here at all on figs (one of the few things spared) and I have huge marauding deer herds. Steve

I don’t know. One day they were completely nibbled away at the base. I hope the critters got a mouthful of latex.

If it gets cold enough, animals will try to eat anything.

I have the deer fenced out. Maybe mice, voles or rabbits? I dunno.

OK Thanks. I have a low fence that keeps out rabbits but not mice, voles, with no problems here so maybe it’s rabbits you want for supper. Hassenfeffer or however you spell it.