Fig pruning in a container

I have a 7 foot tall Desert King in a pot that I’d like to prune, reduce its height. Should I just chop it at 2 feet below all the branches or just take off the tallest branch and try and force lower growth?


You can prune it pretty much anyway you want and it will resprout below the cut. Keep in mind that Desert King is a San Pedro fig, so it will only fruit on existing wood. Any pruning you do now will eliminate the crop for this summer, but that’s always an issue with breba only types. If you look at it now you may be able to see the breba buds swelling (I can on mine).

Another option is to air layer it in the middle of that long trunk. Then you’ll have 2 trees with lower branching.

I see now that you are in SoCal, do you have the wasp where you live? If so, ignore my comment about losing all cropping, you will just lose the breba. If I were you I’d plant that in the ground, you are in fig paradise!

Thanks!! There was minimal growth from last year do any Brevard crop would have been minimal. I’ll go ahead and give it the chop.

I’d love to plant in ground but sadly, no room.